Intra-Oral Scanner at Robert J. Martino, DDS​ and Allison Sceppaguercio, DMD

Improving Our Patients’ Dental Experience

Dentistry is constantly evolving and advancing. Visiting the dentist today is a completely different (and better!) experience than it was as recently as ten years ago, never mind the experiences that our parents or grandparents may have had at the dentist.  Dr. Martino and Dr. Sceppaguercio ensure to incorporate into patient care any new technology that is reliable and safe, especially if it makes the patient experience better.  Besides digital x-rays and the use of an intra-oral camera, the digital scanner is the latest and greatest tool that our office has to help identify, prevent, and treat so many dental diseases.  Its potential is extensive, and it’s completely safe!

What is an Intra-oral Scanner?

An intra-oral scanner is a the latest technological advancement in dentistry that allows for a safe and highly accurate digital “impression” of the mouth. In a matter of minutes a dental team member is able to take a high-resolution 3D digital image in real-time. The scanner camera works by taking hundreds of images per second.

The images obtained can be used for a variety of diagnostic purposes. The scan can assist the dental team in:

  1. Monitoring gum health, including gum recession, inflammation, and gum defects
  2. Locating failing fillings or crowns
  3. Evaluating areas of wear and heavy, harmful biting forces
  4. Seeing fractures in teeth and fillings
  5. Through built in infrared technology seeing areas of tooth decay not visible with traditional x-rays
  6. Assessing overcrowding, overbites and other alignment issues

Aside from the diagnostic value of the scanner, the dental team can use the scans as digital “impressions” for the fabrication of everything from implant crowns, porcelain crowns, night guards, bridges, and Invisalign aligners. 

In particular, the use of our intra-oral scanner for Invisalign has led to outstanding results, predictability and patient satisfaction. 

If you have ever had those gooey impressions for any dental work or even braces, you will be amazed and relieved at the ease and comfort of an intra-oral digital scan. The accuracy and quality of these scans is unmatched and has changed the way modern dentistry is used to improve the oral health of patients.

Why We Use an Intra-Oral Scanner

It is always our goal to provide the very best care to our patients.  Intra-oral scanners represent a pivotal development in that goal.