Covid-19 FAQs

How do I know the office is safe and fully disinfected?

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, our office followed strict infection control guidelines that would have prevented the transmission of the novel coronavirus (or any other virus) to our patients or staff. In an abundance of caution, we have increased the frequency and thoroughness of our sanitizing procedures and we are following all safety procedures recommended by the Center for Disease Control, American Dental Association, and OSHA. You can be confident that our protocols meet and exceed all infection control requirements. We have invested in both high and low technical mechanisms to disinfect all treatment rooms and common spaces. Among the additions we have made are hand sanitizing stations, touchless soap dispensers, disinfectant fogging apparatus to safely disinfect all rooms, high-speed suction devices that capture all aerosols, and full office air purification systems with HEPA-UV filters to remove 99.7% of all airborne bacteria and viruses.

Is it safe to sit in the waiting room?

We have always cleaned our waiting area every night. Now, we’re also cleaning it throughout the day and paying special attention to wiping down chairs, door handles, and other things patients frequently touch. We have also made changes in the waiting area and our scheduling to allow for increased social distancing. While we encourage patients to wait in their cars for their appointments, our waiting area will routinely be cleaned and will also be equipped with a HEPA-UV filtration system to further ensure a healthy environment.

Have any of your patients tested positive for the coronavirus?

We have not had any patients test positive. We have an extensive pre-screening protocol that evaluates each patient for risk of exposure prior to their visit via phone screening questions as well as when they enter the office for their appointment. We are postponing treatment if he or she is showing any signs of illness or has traveled recently. If anyone tests positive for the virus in our office, we will contact local health authorities and follow their guidelines.

Have any of your staff members been sick or tested positive for the virus?

None of our staff members in the office is presently ill. If a staff member is showing symptoms, we require that individual to stay home under normal circumstances. Now, we’re being especially careful and recommending that anyone with fever, cough, shortness of breath or body aches and chills sees their doctor as soon as possible and self-quarantines.

Is it safe to receive dental treatment?

Our team has worked hard over the past several months to ensure a safe environment for patients and ourselves. We have made modifications to the office as well as invested in high technical equipment to further reduce exposure risk for all and sanitize the office. Among the many adaptations we have made to our high infection control standards, we have invested in extensive PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as well as air filtration systems, sanitizing fogging mechanisms and hospital grade disinfectants that kill viruses in 1 minute (typical disinfectants can take up to 10 minutes for kill efficiency).

Should I cancel my appointment if I am feeling sick? Should I cancel my appointment if someone other than me is sick in our household?

If you or anyone in your household is sick, or under quarantine for any reason, we would prefer to postpone your appointment for at least three weeks.

Should I come to my dental appointment alone?

We are continuing to practice social distancing at our office until it is completely safe to do otherwise. We ask that you do not bring other family members to your appointment unless they are also receiving treatment or if you need them to provide you with transportation or assistance.

Will there be a no-show fee if I am unable to keep my appointment for reasons related to COVID-19?

We understand that unforeseen reasons for cancellations may pop up and you may have other concerns on your mind. While we do still ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible if you won’t be able to visit us, we will not be charging missed appointment fees during this time.